4 startups bringing technology to the truck market

4 startups bringing technology to the truck market

Startups bringing technology to the truck market

Startups bringing technology to the truck market| Photo: Unsplash, Josiah Farrow / Reproduction

From highways to computer screens and cell phones, the truck market has become a breeding ground for technology. With solutions ranging from digital marketing to fully mobile banking, Brazilian startups are starting to develop tools designed specifically for the cargo sector.

In economic terms, the expectation for 2022 is positive. According to the National Vehicle Distribution Federation (Fenabrave), the number of truck licenses in Brazil is expected to increase by 7.3% this year. In February alone, production of this type of vehicle increased by 20.4%, compared to the previous month, according to a survey by the National Association of Vehicle Manufacturers (Anfavea).

Keeping an eye on this market share, four Brazilian startups seek to apply technological resources to improve the truck buying and selling process, the organization of logistics companies and even the financial life of truck drivers. In the list are DealerSites, CargOn, eProfessionalTI and Target Bank.

Reseller sites

A strong trend for dealerships, digital marketing strategies, with the application of cutting-edge technologies and a focus on the experience of the final consumer are the specialty of DealerSites. The Paraná startup operates in the digitalization of the automotive market, with digital platforms focused on sales trends and data analysis.

Created in 2015, DealerSites grew 93% during the pandemic and predicts a new record for 2022, with 133% growth through December. One of the strategies to achieve this is to expand the truck business. The new firm’s first partnership is with the Sweden Group, Volvo’s truck and bus dealership.

The plans are bold, but they come on the heels of a string of good results to boot. In 2021 alone, over 2.4 million opportunities were generated for partner dealerships. This represents a reverse movement of demand, since, in digital media, the end customer is the one who finds the dealers. “It is a change in the culture of a very conservative market, but one that has found a way to reinvent the business using technology,” explains the sales manager of DealerSites, Marcos Pavesi.


With one eye on technology and another on cargo management, CargOn offers digital solutions that improve processes between carriers, shippers and industry. By using artificial intelligence to monitor cargo, identify and verify drivers, the company is able to ensure safe ground transportation and reduce the possibility of accidents and theft.

In 2022, CargOn, which is only two years old, expects to grow by 550% and exceed R $ 40 million in turnover. “We are preparing to receive a new round of funding, this time Series A, which will allow us to expand platform solutions and increase the team, primarily in the development and operations areas,” said CargOn CEO Denny Mews.


Working in the development of systems related to foreign trade logistics, eProfessionalTI seeks to bring innovations to the benefit of the entire international freight transport chain. The startup is focused on software for process management, responding to all the systemic needs of this segment.

The innovation offered by the company, founded in 2003, stands out for its great ability to adapt to the processes and projects of each customer, satisfying the needs of port terminals, container warehouses and customs warehouses. “The company’s systems have a wide range of customizations aimed at serving importers and exporters, automating processes, providing superior service and reducing costs,” emphasizes project development director at eProfessionalTI, Luiz Carlos dos Santos.

beneficiary bank

Target Bank, the first digital bank dedicated to truckers, able to interconnect all the plants involved in the logistics ecosystem, wants to be the only company to integrate important financial solutions for the sector with management tools.

THE fintech It already has 100,000 active customers in its systems and intends to double this number by the end of the year, closing 2022 with R $ 4 billion in financial transactions. For this, the company has added several services to its platform. One of these is the insurance portfolio – in partnership with Tibi Seguros, but there are also investment options with specialized advice – in collaboration with Órama Investimentos -, automatic receipts on CDI account and personal and third party loans for employees of companies of transportation, among others.

“From freight contracting companies, to truck drivers, to gas stations and convenience stores on the roads, we offer solutions so these characters can operate more quickly, efficiently and with cash flow,” says William Rego, CEO and one of the founders of Target Bank.