4 strategies to do well in a technical interview on Google – Época Negócios

4 strategies to do well in a technical interview on Google – Época Negócios

google, (Photo: unsplash)

Google will double the number of engineering professionals in Brazil (Photo: unsplash)

By the end of 2023, Google plans to double its engineering strength in Brazil from the current 200 professionals to 400. Opportunities include areas considered essential by the company, such as privacy and data security, with open positions in São Paulo. and Belo Horizonte. , as well as 100% remote job opportunities (check it out here).

But how to do well in the selection process and win a place in one of the largest tech companies in the world? The first step is to prepare.

“It is important that the person is prepared for an open discussion about the projects they have worked on, whether in school, in previous jobs or in their spare time,” says Yale Soares, head of engineering internship programs and Google recruiter at Google. Brazil.

In addition to the interviews, the company has problems that need to be solved by the candidates. “We are interested in understanding the principles of computer science (programming, data structures and algorithms, etc.) and how they can be used to solve problems,” adds Yale.

“Computer science fundamentals are a prerequisite for all engineering roles at Google, regardless of seniority, due to the complexity and global scale of the projects the candidate will work on,” adds Kelly Maia, Lead Tech Recruiter Engineering at Google Brazil. .

Check out Google’s 4 tips for candidates to perform well in the selection process for technical jobs:

1. Devote time to studies

Spend time, organize your studies and invest time doing as many exercises as you can on sites like codeforces.com, intervisteing.io, leetcode.com, topcoder.com, hackerrank.com, spoj.com, pramp.com and interviste.school .

2. Make sure you understand the proposed problem

Another recommendation is, before starting the process, to confirm that you understand the proposed problem and describe how you plan to solve it and why. At this stage, it is also important to communicate the approach, decisions and any questions you may have.

3. Think about the process that led you to the solutions

Remember to communicate your thought process as you solve the question, after all, the interviewer wants to understand your logic. Also, be receptive to the recruiter’s feedback during the conversation and try to incorporate it into your solution.

4. Prepare for the interview

Among the topics that the interview can cover are: curricular experience, coding problems, construction and development of complex algorithms and analysis of their performance characteristics, logic problems, system design and basic principles of computer science (hash tables, stacks, array, etc.).

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