4 Tips To Attract, Hire, And Retain The Best In Tech Professionals |  SEG

4 Tips To Attract, Hire, And Retain The Best In Tech Professionals | SEG

Global Marketplace for Remote Technical Talent lists practices to consider when searching for the best professionals

As digital transformation accelerates in various industries, competition for technology professionals has become even fiercer. According to Brasscom, 46,000 technology professionals are trained in Brazil each year, while 70,000 are needed to fill vacancies. Based on the experience gained in building remote teams of technology professionals globally, Andela presents tips for attracting, hiring and retaining the best talent.

Taking on technical roles isn’t easy, there are many factors to consider to ensure the company finds the right fit for its team. A good start is to understand what professionals are looking for and make sure the job opportunity offers enough to attract the best specialists.

To understand the professionals in this market, take a look at Andela’s tips, which can make it easier to attract and hire the best team for your company’s current project.

1. Professionals are looking for exciting opportunities

This process works like learning and becomes an incentive for those who want to improve their skills. Solving big problems does not only become a daily victory in the life of the professional, but allows you to be seen by companies that want people prepared to face complex challenges. Therefore, few specialists accept short-term contracts, as they already understand that they will not be tested to their full potential. High performers want long-term commitments to financial stability and the opportunity to complete large projects.

2. You want to feel part of the team

The best tech professionals want to feel part of the team. Therefore, entrusting multiple projects to a single professional, compromising his sense of belonging, as well as affecting work performance, can demotivate him. Therefore, a good option is to include hired professionals in the team’s weekly meetings and activities.

3. You want professional development opportunities

The best professionals are committed to perfecting their craft. Acquiring new skills and knowledge are priorities for these talents. Giving hired tech experts the chance to work on innovative projects and solve big problems is a huge attraction for these professionals.

4. Look for an environment that offers support

Challenging opportunities, long-term commitments, feeling part of the team and professional development. These criteria create an environment that helps the employee feel appreciated. This means that top tech professionals are unlikely to work for companies looking for low-cost basic outsourcing.

“Andela assertively and efficiently seeks to facilitate the connection between companies and high-quality technology professionals, through global remote work. The market in Brazil is booming, but organizations still face difficulties in finding suitable professionals for their job offers. Andela wants to evolve this relationship by providing trained and qualified employees to overcome the various challenges our customers face, “says Alvaro Oliveira, EVP & GM Talent Solutions at Andela.

Recently, Andela launched a platform with the aim of generating a more direct and personalized hiring experience. Using data-driven algorithms, the platform delivers recommendations to companies, making the recruitment process 70% faster than traditional methods. The platform is now available in Brazil, as are new areas of expertise, including design, data and product management, as well as software engineers.

Since arriving in Brazil and Latin America in 2021, Andela has developed technology professionals to act on the market, connecting them with large organizations that want to complement the team with talented professionals remotely. “Having a vision, trying to understand the best steps and generating interest from contractors is the correct way to acquire a good specialist in the sector,” concludes Oliveira.

about Andela

Andela is a global talent network that connects companies with esteemed remote engineers in emerging markets. Hundreds of large companies use Andela to expand their engineering teams quickly and economically. An organization spread across six continents, Andela is backed by investors including Generation Investment Management, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Spark Capital and Google Ventures.