6 Signs That a Man Is In Love With You and 6 Signs That He Is Using You

Insecurity is a common phenomenon among women, especially young girls, in their love relationships. Sometimes our biggest fears come true, but because of our own anxieties or terrible relationships in the past, we may simply not trust our partner’s feelings. Fortunately, there are a few signs that can let you know if your partner is really interested in you or just using you for his own selfish purposes.

We understand how complicated relationships can be, so we want to clarify how to find out your partner’s true intentions.

Loves you: He looks at you all the time.

The authors of several love songs were right when they said that a man who is really in love with you can’t take his eyes off you. When you get dressed up for Friday night, many men get a certain look. However, if you see him watching you with awe and enthusiasm while you’re doing the usual things, like making dinner or putting on your coat, chances are he’s in love.

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