A provincial meeting of Social Sciences and Human Rights is held

A provincial meeting of Social Sciences and Human Rights is held

This Friday, at the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Relations, the Provincial Meeting “Social Sciences and Human Rights” will be held. The event aims to inaugurate an academic forum for discussion and sharing on current problems of the human rights paradigm.

The strategic axes proposed are the environment, the media, labor relations and social movements. Local and provincial leaders will participate in each of them to think together about the development of these areas of knowledge and multidisciplinary academic production in the Province of Santa Fe.

From the organization, Ms Natalia Juárez highlighted the importance of organizing a meeting to publicize, exchange and disseminate the productions and discussions that are taking place at the territorial level.

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In addition, the meeting will end with the screening of the film “Grandmothers: a film about (and with) the grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo”, directed by Cristian Arriaga, which collects first-person life stories of members of the organization for the human rights, This year celebrates 45 years of history. Admission to the entire meeting is free and free and certificates are given.