Anses disability pension: requirements and how to process it

Anses disability pension: requirements and how to process it

The National Social Security Administration (Anses) continue with the April payout schedule for benefits As the promote work, the unemployed bonus of $ 5,000 and the benefit of $ 6,000 for the retirees and retirees of the Argentine Integrated Social Security System (SIPA), based on the completion of the document.

In turn, the Government of Alberto Fernandez A.D new bonuses for single-tax payers, irregular workers, domestic workers and retirees and pensioners. These boosters will be amounts up to $ 18,000 and will make it possible to recompose the purchasing power of the most vulnerable sectors in the face of the growth of the inflationary process.

While the Registrations for the Progresar Scholarships continue until the end of the monththe body that commands Fernanda Raventa reported that it is still enabled Procedure for accessing the Non-Contributory Invalidity Pension.

This is financial support for those people who certify a decrease of 76% or more in their working capacity. This pension has a value of $ 22,841.28.

To access, it is necessary to possess a series of requirements and present the documentation required to complete the process. The same can be done by My Ansi or in person at any agency office.

Non-contributory pension for disability: what it is and who can access it

It is an advantage for those people who demonstrate a decrease of 76% or more in their working capacity.

To apply you need request the Official Medical Certificate at any public hospital or health center. Subsequently, the applicant must submit the data in Ansi to verify the information.

The disability pension is worth $ 22,841.28.

Non-contributory disability pension: requirements for receiving it

  • Be under 65 years of age.
  • Be Argentine / or natives / or naturalized / or (with at least 5 years of continuous residence) or foreigners (with at least 20 years of effective residence in the country).
  • It does not receive any benefits from the state (national, provincial or municipal).
  • Not to be an employee / or in a relationship of dependence or registered / or as a self-employed or mono-tax payer.
  • Have no income or assets in your name that allow your subsistence. This requirement will be extended to your family group.
  • Not having relatives legally obliged to provide you with food or who, having it, are prevented from doing so.
  • Not being detained / or brought to justice.

Anses disability pension: compatibility with other benefits

At the time of the pension claim and for the duration of the process, the person could collect the pension Universal allowance for the daughter and / or Pregnancy allowance for social protection.

Once the pension has been granted, the subject will begin to receive the Family Allowance for Children, which is what corresponds to pensioners.

How to process your disability pension

  • 1. Log in to “Myself Ansiwith yours Social security keywhich can be created on the fly.
  • 2. Complete your personal details. Click on “Request for benefits”. Verify that the information is up to date.
  • 3. To apply for the pension you must choose the option “Non-contributory pension for disability” and follow the steps.
  • 4. If the system does not have enough information to continue with the online process, a shift will be assigned to finish it in a Ansi. Once you have started your retirement, you will get a file number to carry out the corresponding follow-up.