Bonus of 18,000: the 2 data that must be reported to collect it

Bonus of 18,000: the 2 data that must be reported to collect it

The National Social Security Administration ( Ansi) enabled its website this Thursday so that people in vulnerable situations can do so subscribe to My Anses to collect the bonus up to $ 18,000 destined to cope with inflation.

The body that guides Fernanda Raventa determined which are the requirements and payment dates for this extra amount to be paid two installments of $ 9,000 in May and Junea policy similar to what was there Emergency family income (IFE) paid in 2020 following the Covid pandemic.

For their part, the retirees will also receive a bonusbut it will be $ 12,000 due in May and will be deposited in the beneficiaries’ accounts in a automatic without any bureaucracy.

Meanwhile, Anses continues to provide other benefits covered in the Payment schedule for AprilAs the 6,000 pesos bonus for retirees or registrations for the Progresar Scholarships, which end next week.

Bonus Ans 2022

Anses has informed us that he will be there two increases in income: a bonus of $ 12,000 and another of $ 18,000. The initiatives will seek to support the purchasing power of retirees, mono-tax payers, domestic employees and informal workers, as inflation escalates.

Monotax bonus May 2022

Income increase of $ 18,000 will be paid two installments of $ 9,000 in May and June. The inscriptions will be available for:

  • workers and workers no formal income
  • Private house workers
  • Social mono-tax payers e single-tax payers A and B

The collection of link is compatible with the Universal Child Allowance (AUH), the Pregnancy allowance (AUE)the advancement grantsthe Unemployment benefitwith Power up the workwith registration in the National Register of Workers of the Popular Economy (ReNaTEP) and in the provincial and municipal food plans, including the food paper.

How to sign up for the 18 thousand pesos bonus

official sources of Ansi indicated at BAE business that starting this Thursday April 21 who is interested can complete your details in My Anses initiate the request to collect the 18,000 pesos in the case of single tax payers A and B, informal workers and Casas Particulares workers.

On the website you can access all the information necessary for registration. The link with all the information is the following:

It is necessary update personal data in My Anses to access the reinforcement:

  • Enter in My Ansi with CUIL and the Social Security Code and verify that the personal and family group data are correct.
  • They can also be update the data through the Anses free phone line: 130.

Bonus Anses for workers: the 2 data that must be reported to collect it

Pension agency spokespersons confirmed to this medium that there will be two pieces of information that will be needed to collect the two $ 9,000 bonuses: 1) complete an affidavit (DDJJ) Y 2) inform the UBC where the money will be deposited.

Therefore, registration is now available to update the data in My Anses. However, only from next Thursday 28 April the aspirants they will be able to complete the DDJJ and load the CBU.

Furthermore, the May 5th the answers will begin to reach the informed communication channels to find out if they are beneficiaries of the $ 18,000 bonus or not.

Until the On 7 May there are opportunities to register and the May 19th will be the payment date of the “Income Strengthening for Growth with Inclusion”.