Canirac in Toluca tries to reactivate the economy and keep jobs

Canirac in Toluca tries to reactivate the economy and keep jobs

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The president of the National Chamber of the Catering and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac) in the Toluca Valley, Alejandro Rayón Montes de Oca, stressed that they are an industry committed to complying with regulations and taking care of their customers. Right now, he said. the most important thing is to reactivate the economy and keep taking care of jobssince the eventual closure would jeopardize and many activities in the sector would not have the possibility to reopen.

After Mayor Raymundo Martínez Carbajal announced that he would step up inspections of economic units because many operate informally, he urged the authorities to seek the intelligent and friendly promotion of the norm in those places that are not to avoid closures.

“A closed curtain is not just income, it is work, suppliers, electricity, we need more open curtains”.

All businessmen in the Toluca Valley – he stressed – are willing to respect thethe only thing they need is time, even though most economic units have the characteristics and documentation necessary to operate, especially since they were hit hard after the pandemic and were unable to operate at 100 per cent. one hundred.

“What has been experienced in catering in these times has been catastrophic, in this reopening we are aware that there must be points where we are failing, but they are the minimum and we are in all conditions to resume and reactivate”.

Approaches with municipal authorities

He pointed out that they have had approaches with the municipal authorities to advance theThe issue of Civil Protection, where there are greater delays due to the request for procedures, as well as that of the Environment, Governance and Economic Development to advance in the regularization of business in the sector.

“Simply raising the money to change fire extinguishers is difficult, but most will know how to mediate and see how they can borrow to meet all requirements.”

For this reason, they agreed that the authorities make promotional visits so that companies have all their paperwork in order.

“Turning Opinion is very fresh in municipalities and you need to have the class foundation to know what to do, how to do it and with whom to do it”.

There were already some closures

So far, he said Some factories in Metepec have been closed for not having the documentation in order or their operating license.

“We are lobbying for the withdrawal of the stamps because the Turning Opinion has not been validated by the Mexican State Health Risk Protection Commission (Coprisem), but is already being resolved.”

It is currently worth mentioning 70 percent of its affiliates’ sales go to food and drink and at Easter the Toluca Valley has a low influxnot so in tourist sites like Ixtapan de la Sal and Valle de Bravo, where sales have increased by up to 200%.