Ceará Ortusolis Tecnologia startup wins first place on Demoday – Focus.jor

Ceará Ortusolis Tecnologia startup wins first place on Demoday – Focus.jor

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The Ceará Ortusolis Tecnologia startup won first place in the Demoday event, this Tuesday 19th.

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Another 45 startups selected in the first cycle of the “Innovation Economic Clusters + Digital Corridors Program” participated in Demoday with exposure to local entrepreneurs and investors of innovative solutions with a direct impact on strategic areas of the Ceará economy.

For Michael Dhyani, manager of the Digital Corridors Program, the event closes the 2021 edition of the program. “During this journey, startups have received mentoring, monitoring, training and Demoday is a time for startups to showcase their solutions,” he says.

The chief innovation scientist and professor at the State University of Ceará (UECE), Professor Samuel Façanha, shares that the event represents the culmination of the evolution of entrepreneurs. “All the startups that have worked promoting innovation in the state and in different regions through knowledge, have the opportunity to get in touch with different institutions and it is a great joy to close this cycle”.

The winning startup, Ortusolis Tecnologia, shares the joy of the award. “We were delighted to have been chosen among the top ten startups. This gives us a lot of strength and assures us that we are on the right path and that all the investment of time, dedication to work, has worked and has had the recognition of the board and the whole team, this is very sensational “. says Ricardo Maciel, CEO of Ortusolis.