CNN ends the streaming service launched a month ago

CNN ends the streaming service launched a month ago

The announcement was reported by CNN itself this Thursday and it realizes that the service will officially end on April 30th. It was also announced that current subscribers will be reimbursed.

“In a market of streaming complex, consumers want simplicity and a complete service that provides a better experience and adds more value than isolated offers “, justified the manager of the streaming JB Perrette of Discovery in a statement.

Doomed from the start?

Available in the North American market since March 29, it cost $ 5.9 per month (or $ 59.99 per year). But after just 15 days on the market, the news reports realized that there were fewer than 10,000 people using it every day.

Protocol writes this Thursday that after a month the service had about 150,000 subscribers and that CNN executives expected the initial plan to be to attract 2 million subscribers in the first year alone. So it is open to debate whether the business was doing well or not.

However, its launch coincided with the merger of Discovery and WarnerMedia (now an entertainment giant called Warner Bros. Discovery). And it quickly became clear that Discovery’s leadership had no interest in an independent news subscription service. So much so that Discovery froze the expenses of marketing promote the service and fire CNN’s chief financial officer.

The future

The protocol states that CNN + workers will continue to be paid and receive benefits for 90 days while having the opportunity to apply for other positions at CNN and Warner Bros. Andrew Morse, CNN’s Chief Digital Officer and CNN + Chief Architect, will leave the ‘agency.

“While today’s decision is incredibly difficult, it is the right decision for CNN’s long-term success,” explained CNN new CEO Chris Licht in an internal statement sent to workers.

“[O fim da CNN +] allows us to focus resources on core products that drive our single goal: to further strengthen CNN’s journalism and its reputation as a global news leader. ” difficult news.

Now, what is expected is what seems to have always been the plan of David Zaslav (CEO of Discovery for the past 15 years and now CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery) from the very beginning: to create the “best media company in the world.” “. In a lengthy interview with Variety, Zaslav detailed his vision of what he considers a success for the future: reaching the goal of 200/250 million subscribers worldwide through a series of streaming (HBO Max, Discovery Plus and CNN Plus) in one place.

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