Deadline for registration of the 18,000 bonus reported by Anses

Deadline for registration of the 18,000 bonus reported by Anses

Starting Thursday, those who meet the requirements will be able to register to apply for the 18000 bonus provided by the government to help the most vulnerable families in the face of rising inflation.

Also, according to official sources BAE businesshas already been announced payment date, documentation to be presented, date of registrationapplication and deadline for accessing the benefit that Anses will recognize.

Meanwhile, retirees and retirees will also receive a $ 12,000 bonus. It will be from May, it will be paid in a single installment and it will not be necessary to register, as it will be paid automatically.

Who can claim the bonus of 18000

  1. informal workers
  2. Monotributors A and B e
  3. private domestic workers

18,000 bonuses how to sign up

Anses reported that registration can begin on Thursday 21 April from Anses’ official website.

Interested persons must enter from this Thursday to:

  1. My Anses ever since anses.gob.arwith CUIL and Social Security Code.
  2. Update the data

Request for the 18,000 bonus:

On April 28th you can apply for income reinforcement,

  1. Entering My Ansi
  2. Accept the Affidavit (DDJJ)
  3. Inform the CBU number where the amount will be deposited.

18000 Bonus request deadline

The deadline will be May 7.

Payment date of the bonus of 18000

  • DNI completed 0: Thursday 19 May
  • DNI completed 1: Friday 20 May
  • Finished DNI 2: Monday 23 May
  • Finished DNI 3: Tuesday 24 May
  • May 25 holiday
  • Finished DNI 4: Thursday 26 May
  • Finished DNI 5: Friday 27 May
  • DNI completed 6: Monday May 30th
  • DNI completed 7: Tuesday 31st May
  • DNI finished 8: Wednesday 1 June
  • DNI finished 9: Thursday 2 June