do everything to ensure that technology does not fail

do everything to ensure that technology does not fail

It is the first time that a foreign head of state addresses the Assembly of the Republic (AR) via videoconference. Volodymyr Zelensky is the guest of honor.

“It is a more sober formal session, less exuberant than a formal session with the guests physically present in the room. On the other hand, there are a series of technical problems, because we depend on the technique to perform it”, explains João Nuno Amaral, director of communication AR. “We will use a collaborative platform, the President of the Ukrainian Republic will be present in a virtual way and therefore we will have to pay more attention to the technical support of the meeting”, he adds.

In order for nothing to fail, several platforms have been tested. João Nuno Amaral describes an “important collaborative work between the different services involved: IT, communication, security, support to the plenary. With many tests, which went well”.

With the attention of the country and the world focused on the Portuguese parliament, this Thursday’s session will therefore be a real test case for the effectiveness of technology, but also of AR services.

“Without guarantees that things will not fail, but doing everything that is humanly possible for this to happen and for the session to go well”, guarantees the director of communication of the parliament, assuming that “some attention” was expected. visits to the parliament website. “And that is why we have taken some measures to make it more difficult for the site to stop fulfilling its functionality and, therefore, to stop working,” he says, citing the temporary suspension of access to parliamentary archives as an example. channel, so that “the bandwidth is dedicated exclusively to participation in the plenary session”. “And on Friday we will resume normal operation”, assures João Nuno Amaral.