Economic Sciences has developed its Conference on strategies for public administration – InfoRegión

Economic Sciences has developed its Conference on strategies for public administration – InfoRegión

They concluded the Fifth Conference on Strategies for the Public Administration organized by the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the National University of Lomas de Zamora and sponsored by the Student Center (CECE) and the Graduate School.

The event was developed with a bimodal system in which part of the participants did it in person and the rest through the zoom platform and was responsible for the Center for Strategy Studies (EEC) of the Faculty, a dedicated space to the development of knowledge and research in the field of corporate strategy both internationally and in the public sphere.

Furthermore, the meeting served as a framework for the presentation of the book The Strategic State from Javier Vicunateacher of that house and director of the organizing center, and who was head of the dean of the faculty, Gabriel Franchignoni,.

The daily sessions

The opening of the day was commissioned Vicuña, who stressed that the center entrusted to him works on the strategic management process and its application both for private companies, internationally and for public administration.

Vicuña called the exhibitors “references of the public administration” and stressed that the intention of the event is “Knowing all the springs and the importance of public administration in management, but also the socio-economic impact it has on the entire private sector”.

The first day he exhibited via zoom Enrico HurtadoDirector of Center for International Economy Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Cult of the Argentine Republic who has lectured the war between Russia and Ukraine and international trade.

Subsequently, the dean of Economics, Gabriel Franchignoni, presented Vicuña’s book, which he called “a committed graduate in the faculty” and stressed that the strategic planning of the state is “The tool to avoid making the same mistakes in ehe nation”, Stressing that inequality in education has an impact on the labor market.

While a number of articles were featured on strategic city plans who was in charge Bachelor of Business Administration students.

In this sense, there have been dissertations on the cities of Santa Rosa, by Lizaura González Brizuela and Bárbara Araceli Nuñez; New York by Oriana Cavaganaro, and Madrid where Mayra Guadalupe Schvindt and Giuliana Agustina Supino spoke.

The start of the second day was in charge of the exhibition Karina Spalla, director of the Institute for Political Training and Public Management, dependent on the Ministry of the Government of Buenos Aireswhich developed the topic Political training and public management.

The close of the day was for Viktoria Lövenberg, Head of the Economic and Commercial Section at the Delegation of the European Union in Argentina. Doctor of Law and Political Science, who spoke about Argentina and the European Union and the strengthening of relationships to face common challenges.