Esri brings powerful mapping technology to everyone with the new storytelling tool

Esri brings powerful mapping technology to everyone with the new storytelling tool

Capturing and sharing life experiences today often requires multiple platforms and tools, which can result in an uncoordinated narrative. To meet the needs of creators to control their dynamic and interactive storytelling in one place, Esri, the global leader in location intelligence, today launched StoryMaps, a powerful personal storytelling tool. The product extends Esri’s creative capabilities to anyone who wants to tell and share their stories.

Using Esri’s mapping technology, this new software offers a geographic approach to all content creators are passionate about. From documenting your ancestral journey to capturing aspects of everyday life or planning a fantastic post-pandemic journey, StoryMaps helps you collect life moments worthy of those experiences.

“At Esri, we understand that sharing stories is part of life, that everyone is a storyteller,” said Jack Dangermond, founder and president of Esri. “Every moment and memory we love is connected to a specific place, so we’re making it easier to transport people to any part of the world through richer narratives.”

Esri empowers authors to control their own narratives with built-in privacy to protect data and automatic content ownership and create it in versatile ways that reflect their experiences. You can creatively combine text and multimedia content such as images, videos, audio and links to easily share your personal experiences, hobbies, family history, ancestry, portfolios, travel and more.

The National Geographic Society (NGS) – which for over 130 years has enlightened and protected the world through science, exploration, education and storytelling – is partnering with Esri to bring StoryMaps to its members.

“The National Geographic Society has an enduring legacy of storytelling and remains central to our missionary work today as we increase our understanding of the planet and others,” said Jill Tiefenthaler, CEO of the National Geographic Society. “Our partnership with Esri enriches this legacy by enabling our members to share their unique stories and experiences through this innovative geospatial tool.”

Esri designed StoryMaps to allow people with different digital skills to create personalized content without requiring experience in cartography or web design. StoryMaps allows authors to:

  • Build a story in one place. Create versatile stories of any length using our resources (text, photos, video, audio, etc.) or take advantage of Unsplash with ready-to-use images.
  • Publish and share your story with any audience. Create a private diary, create an unlisted link that can be shared with family and friends, or post on all popular social media platforms. Authors can also embed stories on websites and blogs.
  • Add custom interactive maps. Take your readers on your journey by adding a map with images and pop-ups, or create a themed map to visualize trends.
  • Incorporates eye-catching features. Display any content in multiple ways using flexible components including a timeline, image gallery, swipe and quotes. All content can be organized into collections that function like folders.
  • Customize the look. Choose from built-in themes or customize a design with different font, color and layout options.
  • Keep them updated. Easily update and publish stories with new features and functionality every two weeks. Future features will include geolocation-ready data provided by wearables to showcase your latest outdoor activities.

There is a free basic plan with basic storytelling features to ensure that all creators have access at all times. When new users sign up, they receive free access to premium features with advanced storytelling features for the first 30 days. Next, they can purchase a monthly or annual premium StoryMaps subscription for $ 10 or $ 100, respectively, or downgrade to the free basic Storytelling option.

To explore StoryMaps, read stories and get started, visit

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