EU technical chief does not bring mobile phones to meetings to prevent espionage

EU technical chief does not bring mobile phones to meetings to prevent espionage

Do you bring your cell phone to business meetings? If the answer is “yes”, it is very different from what Margrethe Vestager, a Danish politician at the head of the technology area in the European Union (EU) thinks. Executive Vice President of the European Commission, you leave everything out to prevent digital espionage.

Even for those who want to reach an agreement with the head of technology of the economic bloc, the correct answer is always “no” to that first question. Employees too. “We have to be careful, always careful, not to have phones in the room when there are critical discussions,” he said Thursday (21).


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“I leave my phones and iPads outside the room before entering,” Vestager changed.

The decision of the Executive Vice President of the European Commission is not under discussion. In 2021, an investigation revealed that Israeli company NSO Group Ltd.’s Pegasus spyware technology was used to spy on journalists, activists and business executives.

Among the targets of digital espionage were world leaders such as French President Emmanuel Macron and South African Prime Minister Cyril Ramaphosa. The cell phones of government officials and at least 180 journalists were also targeted. One of the governments accused of using technology to spy on critics was Hungary.

Is it worth the risk of taking cell phones to meetings? Not for Margrethe Vestager. Image: Shutterstock

“We can take care of ourselves and our safety within the commission and various bodies and agencies, but it is also important that Member States focus on this to ensure that there is no illegal surveillance,” Vestager said.

Danish politics, despite leaving the cell phone out of meetings, said it was too “boring” to be an attractive target for spies. “Most of my feed is so boring that even if you had access to it, you’d think, my God, this woman has no life.”

Margrethe Vestager is also the head of the antitrust of the European Union, which has investigated the activities of several technology giants in the Old Continent.

Through: Bloomberg

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