F3M shows how technology can drive digital transformation and the evolution of the social sector

F3M shows how technology can drive digital transformation and the evolution of the social sector


Highlighting the advantages of technology and promoting the digitization of institutions and other bodies in the social sector are the main objectives of an initiative that F3M will promote, next Wednesday, April 27, in Évora.

The session, which will take place at the Parque Alentejo Ciência e Tecnologia, is part of a cycle of events that F3M, the leading Portuguese technology company for this market, will hold throughout 2022. Focused on topics such as health, innovation, safety, information systems, dematerialization and data protection, the actions take place in more than 20 cities, in particular in all the capitals and autonomous regions.

It is another step of F3M in supporting the digital transformation of what is one of the sectors with the greatest impact in the country, both for the level and importance of the services provided, and for the volume of employment it covers. With this initiative, the company intends to promote and encourage the modernization and technological evolution of organizations, contributing to the optimization of management and daily processes, to increasing productivity and overall efficiency and, with this, promoting a service always better to users.

For Pedro Fraga, CEO of F3M, today more than ever technology plays a leading role in organizations in the social area. “We know that the social economy sector has experienced a unique dynamism and appreciation in society as a whole. It is therefore essential to develop technological solutions that further optimize all management processes in this sector.”Says the official.

We will also try to show how technology can have an even greater impact on these entities, showing, for example, its benefits when used in different services such as health and user care and the impact of dematerialization on the management of daily activities. . We will also attach great importance to an issue on the agenda, namely the security of data and services.”, Reveals the founder of the company.

Each session will be attended by experts and speakers with strong industry knowledge and experience, covering topics such as health information systems and information security and the GDPR in the areas of health and social sector. Issues such as information systems and mobile technology for wound monitoring, dematerialisation, innovation and the future and information security of technological solutions in the social sector will also be discussed.

After Évora, the shares of INNOVATIONTRAIL Lisbon, Viseu, Guarda, Castelo Branco, Setúbal, Beja, Faro, Angra do Heroísmo, Ponta Delgada, Funchal, Leiria, Santarém, Aveiro, Vila Real, Viana do Castelo and Portalegre.