Government and UIA have agreed that there will be no shortage of energy supply in winter, but companies are asking for an “emergency plan”

Government and UIA have agreed that there will be no shortage of energy supply in winter, but companies are asking for an “emergency plan”

Given the concern for the global energy crisis which triggered the invasion Russian in Ukrainethe Government insured on industrial that there won’t be missing of supply during the worst months of the winter which affect the exercise of the sector. From him, and even if trust in official screenings, businessmen ask a emergency plan in the face of the global shortage and rising prices of Liquefied natural gas.

In detail, the Secretary of Energy, Dario Martinez, met with the main directors of the Argentina Industrial Union (UIA) to which he declared it “The energy system will be much more robust this winter than last year”. The companies were also present producers of hydrocarbons.

During the meeting, the main guidelines of a work table “public private”led by the Ministry of Productive Development with the participation of Power, the factory and the energy sector enterprises. The initiative will have the purpose “moderate the impact of the international context and the expectations of low temperatures expected for this winter” in the supply of energy to industrial plants.

This was a demand that the companies had made to the government since the outbreak of the war in Eastern Europe. “Martínez and the supplier companies have provided us with a scenario in which the supply will be covered, so we are not in a state of alert. We ask to work on an emergency plan and we aim to manage consumption, better be proactive”commented on BAE business the president of the UIA, Daniel Funes from Rioja.

The entrepreneur cited as an example what happened on January 13, when the Secretary of Energy asked some industries to reduce their demand during a heat wave that brought consumption to record levels. “We prefer a managed scenario, in case of complications, which is why we want to move forward with a plan”added Funes de Rioja.

support recovery

The concern of the UIA and the government is to ensure that the process of Recovery that the industry had, which in 2021 it was 15.8%, after three consecutive years of falls. Due to power outages, among other problems, production has suffered a 6.2% monthly decrease last January second Indic. Based on anticipated data, this decline would resume in February and March.

Meanwhile, the next Monday there will be a meeting between the president Alberto Fernandez and the presidency of UIA to address the problems of the economic situation local and international.