How to transform IT into business technology

How to transform IT into business technology

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Eduardo Costa is CIO of SONDA Brasil, an Information Technology solutions integrator and leader in digital transformation in the region (Credit: Disclosure)

In challenging and critical moments like the present one, with an increasingly demanding market and looking for solutions to face adversity, it is essential to count on the support of professionals who positively differentiate the business along this path. But how to act directly in this sense, reaching the driving force?

Through the passage of a new profile of the Chief Information Officer (CIO), who stopped looking only at the internal technological needs of companies and started taking care of the business. In other words, this professional is the great orchestrator of the evolution from Information Technology (IT) to Business Technology (TN).

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We already come from a scenario in which digitally born companies like Uber, Airbnb and IFood have taught us that technology is an integral part of building your business and not just an ancillary part.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, this digitization mindset has intensified as organizations have had to suspend their activities in the physical environment and quickly adapt to the online universe with existing technologies. Here is another example of how the company has aligned itself with technology, when, in reality, it should be the other way around: IT is at the service of the company, anticipating needs and developing solutions for requests that were not previously been satisfied.

Faced with this scenario, digitization becomes a path of no return and companies must reflect on the level of maturity of their IT departments to be aligned with the business. This evolution is forcing this reinvention of CIOs, who need to change the internal processes and demands placed on them, which are enormous. It is not enough just to manage the internal needs of everyday life, but to continuously improve to produce more and better.

The characteristics of the new CIO profile go beyond the technological and process management fields. These difficult skills personal and interpersonal skills must be added to personal and interpersonal skills, which will come into contact with the various departments of the company, reducing the problems caused by Shadow IT and its unofficial behaviors, and the gaps with customers to accelerate the plan and project deadline. In other words, the IT area begins to support the development of applications for the market and not only to support its internal structure.

Professional and personal skills together form a complete and balanced professional, with great skills to act in any type of situation in the work environment and in turbulent times to reposition market strategies.

And the next crisis, surprisingly, is already knocking on our door. With increasing digitization and data leaks growing at the same pace, we already have a scenario of sanctions related to privacy breaches that are expected to cost companies $ 8 billion worldwide by 2025, according to Gartner estimates. . To avoid these sanctions, the CIO will also need to take action to mitigate the risks.

Therefore, the new CIO profile must be a business leader, on a par with the other executives in the company. And this scenario directly affects what we now call IT. The nomenclature will likely be renamed TN (Business Technology), a name that clearly demonstrates its integration into the business.

* Eduardo Costa is CIO of SONDA Brasil, an integrator of Information Technology solutions and leader in digital transformation in the region.

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