HP prepares new 17-inch folding screen laptop – Technology

HP prepares new 17-inch folding screen laptop – Technology

HP will be working on a new laptop with a folding screen. The information is advanced by The Elec, with the South Korean publication suggesting the device will have a 17-inch OLED screen, which increases to 11 inches when the laptop is folded. It is further advanced that the model will have a 4k resolution screen, touch screen and digital pen support.

Folding screens are a trend that is gaining momentum, with most of the innovations already launched focusing on the smartphone market, where Samsung is leading.

There have been more announcements than results in the notebooks and this continues to be a virtually unexplored niche. One of the main problems to be solved for the development of the segment is the material to be used on the screen, which must be flexible and strong enough to allow the equipment to be folded in half when closed, maintaining the desired characteristics over time.

The site that anticipates the news of the possible launch of a laptop with flexible screen from HP also adds that LG and SK IE Technology have supplied HP with 10,000 OLED screens with a polyimide film, a polymer with high mechanical resistance to wear and high temperatures. It is the material also used in the original Galaxy Z Fold and could be the option for the new HP model.

If it hits the market, HP’s new folding screen laptop will join Lenovo’s pioneering ThinkPad X1 Fold, introduced in 2020 and which ended up not having great success or good reviews, both in terms of performance and experience. user.

Already this year Asus showed the Zenbook 17 Fold at CES, which is still being improved for the final version. Samsung also used the same event to show the Flex Note, also in concept, and more recently some rumors have indicated that the company is working on several prototypes. The two models presented by the Asian brands also point to 17-inch screens.