HPE GreenLake Announces New Experience That Promises to Empower Latin American Businesses: AméricaEconomía

HPE GreenLake Announces New Experience That Promises to Empower Latin American Businesses: AméricaEconomía

Pioneering the industry not only requires aligning with the right technology, but also with the adoption of service models that are critical to the future of the business today. And the truth is, HPE GreenLake offers the four pillars – cloud, digital transformation, data and cybersecurity – that every business needs to consider to live up to the 21st century.

After the launch of Green Lake in October 2021, HPE wanted to go further. From the start, the platform sought to become a new option for businesses to modernize their data environments faster and with less risk, from advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to security. against ransomware and disaster recovery from the edge to the cloud.

This year the possibilities expand. Through a live broadcast, the American multinational shared the latest developments and services offered by the innovative platform. Therefore, HPE GreenLake will no longer only allow organizations to modernize all their applications and data, but will also have more options and simplicity, new cloud services and an expanded partner ecosystem, all driven by the needs of their customers.

What drove the creation of these new services?

“Data is at the heart of every modernization initiative in every industry, yet organizations have been forced to settle for legacy analytics platforms lacking cloud native capabilities or forcing complex migrations to the public cloud that require customers to adapt new processes. The new HPE GreenLake Cloud Services for Analytics enable customers to overcome these trade-offs and offer them a platform to unify and modernize data everywhere, ”said Antonio Neri, president and CEO of HPE during the launch.

Overall, HPE’s flagship offering adds 12 new cloud services, more than 50 in total, including network as a service, data services, high-performance computing capabilities and IT operations management. This adds to this streamlined experience that adds 120,000 Aruba Networks customers, and is now available on the online marketplaces of ALSO Group, Arrow Electronics, Ingram Micro Inc. and TD Synnex to reach over 100,000 additional partners.

“The market of Software from big data and the analytics, which IDC estimates will reach $ 110 billion by 2031, is ready for disruption as customers seek a hybrid solution for on-premise and perimeter enterprise datasets, ”Neri added.

And the arrival of this new launch in the Latin American market is fundamental. According to Alfredo Yépez, SVP and chief executive officer of HPE Latin America, with “HPE Greenlake we will evolve by offering the only Cloud Edge to Cloud experience. The new announcements will enable our customers to have the Cloud experience at all points of their operation. achieving agility and security with the ability for the customer to define where their data will be, our customers’ most strategic asset. HPE Greenlake has the flexibility to design a fully tailored solution for our customers, in full alignment with their business strategy. Furthermore, our partner ecosystem will have very powerful tools to deliver these solutions to the market and will allow them to integrate their added value into solutions for their end customers “

A new simplified experience

And the truth is, HPE continues to invest and innovate in HPE GreenLake to provide customers with an easy-to-use platform to radically transform and modernize their organization. One of 12 new services points to the convergence of Aruba Central, an AI-based and cloud-native network management solution.

Another added service is HPE GreenLake for Block Storage. It is the first block storage to offer 100% data availability guarantee built into a cloud operating model. Ultimately, it helps businesses transform faster and delivers self-service agility to critical business applications. This new implementation aims to free up IT resources to work on strategic initiatives of greater value with 98% operational time savings.

Another new feature is the HPE Backup and Restore Service for Hybrid Cloud. Customers can protect their data, achieve fast local recovery, and offer a cost-effective approach to long-term backup storage.

Another goal that we tried to improve was to improve HPE GreenLake’s offerings for high-performance computing, making them more accessible so that any company can adopt the technology. New capabilities quickly tackle the most demanding compute and data-intensive workloads to power AI and machine learning (ML) initiatives and accelerate time to insight.

How are these features summarized in the new interface?

HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management is also a new integrated service. It was first introduced at the HPE Discover 2021 event and is a cloud-native management console for accessing, monitoring, and managing servers. In short, it automates management securely across the environment. Today, the cloud service is available for a 90-day free trial and will be available for purchase in June.