In order not to be poor, a typical family needed $ 89,600

The I.National Institute of Statistics and Census reported this afternoon that the Total base basket increased 7% on occasion Marcha acceleration compared to the previous month in which he had scored 6.6%so it was the poverty line for a family of four $ 89,690. CBT has accumulated an increase of 17.8% during first quarter Of the current year.

For its part, the Basic food basket last month it had an increase of 6.5%against him 9% in which he had shown himself February. So a family “genre” necessary $ 39,862 to cover their basic food needs and not be taken into consideration destitute. The interannual variations of the CBA and CBT resulted from 55.2% and 47.3%respectively.

In historical terms, the percentages accumulated in the first quarter for both baskets are highest since 2016, when the new Indec measurement started. The figures are in line with the inflationwhich in the same period has accumulated 16.1% with the food going up 20.9%.

Analysts estimate that the change in prices will remain high in the coming months and anticipate 5% for April, after 6.7% which marked March. The Minister of Productive Development, Matias Kulfahe said on Tuesday that inflation surely will be over it of the 4% inside fourth month of 2022.


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