Interest in Technology Degree Increases in Brazil |  The network

Interest in Technology Degree Increases in Brazil | The network

Since 2019, the number of students in technology courses has almost doubled. A study underlines that by 2025 the ICT sector will create 797,000 new jobs

The digital transformation didn’t start with the pandemic, but the arrival of the Coronavirus has accelerated the use of technologies and changed behavior patterns over the past two years. One example is the growing interest of students in higher education courses in the fields of technology, innovation, systems and digital media.

Data from the 2019 Higher Education Census shows that technology courses account for 14.2% of the total number of students enrolled in undergraduate programs. Today this horizon has expanded to 26.1% and the prospects for those who want to start a career in the technology sector are the best.

The Association of Information and Communication Technologies and Digital Technologies Enterprises (Brasscom) stresses that, by 2025, the sector will create 797,000 new jobs, but the shortage of professionals to fill these positions is expected to reach 532,000. However, the country trains 46,000 professionals with a technological profile every year. In other words, there will be more jobs.

The high demand for qualifications in this segment is already visible at the Centro Universitário Integrado, in Campo Mourão-PR. This year, courses in technology areas broke the enrollment record. The institute offers courses in systems analysis and development technology, Internet systems technology, and digital media technology.

The pandemic accelerates application development

Coordinator of the Management and Technology area of ​​the Integrated Group, Professor Marcelo Alexandre Cordeiro explains that several factors influence the high demand. “One of these is the moment that the technological area is experiencing. The pandemic has accelerated the development of applications and software that make people’s lives easier ”.

Another important factor, explains Cordeiro, is the modification of the course. “We have updated the disciplines that now better meet market demand. We have also changed the format of the offer and this allows the student to immerse themselves in the contents, with two teachers and the help of technical tutors during and after the lessons ”, he adds.

Promotion of new business

Professor Marcelo Alexandre Cordeiro explains that, by choosing the Integrated courses, the student learns from the beginning of the course the technologies used in the development of systems in a modern, practical and innovative way.

“This is a big differential and it helps graduates from the moment they enter university. In this way he will be able to work in companies located in any part of the world, even without leaving home “.

Another initiative is the promotion of new businesses in the technology market. “In addition to the differentiated admission program, the institution promotes – in collaboration with local companies – bootcamps with the aim of training highly qualified workers for the labor market.

“These immersion courses aim to quickly and practically prepare new professionals for the technology market. We are in the fourth edition and the results are incredible ”, underlines Cordeiro.

The information comes from the press office