Launches the short-cycle specialty of Medical Sciences

Launches the short-cycle specialty of Medical Sciences

PHOTO / Radio Ribelle

Manzanillo.- Granma University of Medical Sciences launches a new specialty in the current school year, in its faculties in this city and in Bayamo.

Master Guillermo Salgado Selema, vice-rector general of the institute said so The Demajagua that he is a short-cycle senior technician in Health Technology, and once they graduate, the students will be able to continue their studies.

The academic director said the Casa degli Studi Superiori began the 2022 teaching period with an enrollment of 1,500 students in the first years of the different careers, corresponding to Medicine and Nursing the highest number of records.

He explained that the challenge continues to be to train a professional with a greater capacity to face the challenges of the public health system in Cuba.

Salgado Selema stated that the above determine the effectiveness of the accreditation processes experienced by the various specialties, in order to strengthen the didactic-educational programs.

He added that the objectives also include increasing student presence in different educational scenarios and encouraging innovation and research processes.

Considered among the excellence of the country, the University of Medical Sciences of Granma exhibits properties with greater comfort for students and professors, the result of an extensive investment process in the Faculties of Bayamo and Manzanillo.

Furthermore, the high scientific level of its faculty is a strength of the institute, whose group dedicates the current school year to the 40th anniversary of the founding of the University and the centenary of the FEU.