Microsoft’s Purview technology aims to respond to the challenges caused by the pandemic in teleworking – Computers

Microsoft’s Purview technology aims to respond to the challenges caused by the pandemic in teleworking – Computers

In the context of the pandemic and the challenges posed to the way people work due to isolation, Microsoft continues to respond with business solutions to facilitate communication between professionals in organizations. It is in this sense that Microsoft Purview was launched, a unified data management solution that allows you to manage and protect the data assets of telecommuting organizations.

Microsoft’s new tool combines the data management capabilities of Azure Purview which was released last year with Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance. The system offers identity management capabilities, as well as access to threat protection, cloud security, endpoint management and privacy, in an easier way.

Microsoft also notes that Purview Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is now also available for MacOS endpoints, allowing organizations to extend their knowledge and controls to devices running MacOS. The tech company says that in order to securely share confidential data it is necessary to identify it, so it has expanded its catalog of types of confidential information with more than 50 new classifiers, which can be consulted.

Its solution allows users to remotely access files from multiple locations, devices and applications. Thus, it is possible to view encrypted documents for mobile devices (iOS and Android) at the same time by multiple users at the same time, creating greater collaboration and productivity in real time.

The formerly known as Microsoft Information Governace becomes Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management and is now available for public preview. Microsoft says it has enhanced the detection and investigation capabilities of Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management, which includes extended coverage with Microsoft Defender apps for the cloud.

To support employees, who communicate across a wider variety of digital channels, Microsoft unveiled new features in Purview eDiscovery Premium, improving data identification in Teams and helping to manage legal holds. On the other hand, to help organizations maintain a positive work culture and a strong commitment to user privacy, the company introduced Microsoft Purview Communication Compliance.

The tool helps detect violations of the code of conduct, including harassment situations, language threats or the sharing of confidential information and content. Its latest features offer optical character recognition systems, machine learning templates, as well as reduced detection-investigation time and employee onboarding guidance.