New US sanctions on Russian companies and personalities |  Finance |  Economy

New US sanctions on Russian companies and personalities | Finance | Economy

United States of America announced a new series of sanctions against a network of 40 people and companies, led by the Russian oligarch Constantine Malofeyev, which is allegedly helping Russia dodge Western sanctions on the war in Ukraine.

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The Russian commercial bank also sanctioned transcapital bank and Russian cryptocurrency company birver, as well as ten of its subsidiaries, the Treasury Department detailed in a statement.

The United States has decided to punish these entities because, by helping Russia evade sanctions, they are supporting the “brutal war” that the Russian president has waged. Vladimir Putin, against Ukraine, This was stated in the note by Undersecretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian Nelson.

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According to the Treasury, Malofeyev has an extensive network of companies that he uses to help the Kremlin evade US, British, Canadian and European Union (EU) sanctions.

One of the entities that helps you evade sanctions is the International Agency for Sovereign Development, based in Moscow and which says its goal is to advise African and Asian countries on how to restructure their debt, although “it is actually dedicated to helping sanctioned Russian companies to seek business overseasAccording to the Treasury.

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Another of the sanctioned companies is Zargrad, a Russian propaganda tool that Malofeyev allegedly uses to act as an intermediary between the Kremlin and pro-Russian politicians in Europe.

Tsargrad recently pledged to donate more than $ 10 million to the Russian government for the war in Ukraine, the Treasury said in its statement.

The United States first sanctioned Malofeyev in 2014, following the annexation of Russia Crimea and, at the time, the Treasury described the oligarch as a major source of funding for the Russians, who were promoting the separation of Ukraine from the Donbas, in the east of the country.

Russian citizens

Russian citizens.


The Treasury, on the other hand, accuses the Transcapitalbank of having offered its help to the Kremlin to avoid the sanctions that led to the exclusion of several Russian banks from the international interbank communication system. rapid, that hinders or prevents transactions between banks.

In particular, Transcapitalbank has made available to the Kremlin a system called TKB Business, which aims to be an alternative to Rapid.

Similarly, the Treasury Department explained that its sanctions against bitriver they try to stop that cryptocurrency company from helping the Kremlin to raise funds from its sale natural resources.

Bitriver, created in 2017, is the third company in cryptocurrencies largest in the world and it is the first time that the Treasury has sanctioned such an entity.

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With this punishment, Washington seeks to freeze all assets sanctioned persons may have in the United States and is prohibited from engaging in financial transactions with any US citizen; which in theory makes it difficult for them to access the dollar-based international financial system.