Progresar 2022: how to know if my scholarship has been approved

Progresar 2022: how to know if my scholarship has been approved

While registration is in preparation for government-announced emergency aid, such as the bonus of 18 thousand pesos for informal and mono-tax workers and the bonus to retirees of 12 thousand pesos, the Ministry of Education continues with the Progress Scholarships call.

Ansi finished delivering the credit of April of Progress Scholarshipsbut the payment schedule is still valid for the universal child allowance (Oh!), whose beneficiaries will also receive the Food Card up to $ 12,000. This benefit will receive an increase from May, which will be 50%.

Progresar Scholarships pay up to $ 10,700 per month, because they too include a bonus to his credit. This extra has been implemented since last year so that its owners cover the costs of the Internet service, which is key to carrying out their studies.

Beneficiaries of this program will have access to different types of financial assistance. One of these is the bonus for unemployed 2022which is in place for people to use in the cultural field.

Progress 2022 enrollment

Until the April 30, all Progresar scholarship lines have open enrollments. The only exception is the enrollment in Progress Workending November 30th.

With the form available on the official page, you can complete the data to request assistance, based on the level of education and career you are studying.

How much does Progresar 2022 cost?

With the $ 1,000 Connectivity Bonus included, these are the Progress amounts by payline:

  • Progress requiredto accompany the studies of those attending primary or secondary level: $ 6,400
  • Progress Scholarship 16 and 17 yearsCovered in Compulsory Progress for those in the final years of high school: $ 6,400
  • Progress higherwhich caters to those pursuing a tertiary or undergraduate degree: $ 6,400
  • Advance workfor those attending professional training courses: $ 6,400
  • Nursing Progressfor tertiary or college-level nursing students: between $ 6,400 and $ 10,700

Progress 2022: 16 and 17 years

Now you can check the recording results. Entering with username and password, the Results of the Progresar Scholarships They are already available for the 16 and 17 line, which is part of the Mandatory Progresso.

Once the registration is closed, all the results of the registrations will be known. In the meantime, you can check if you are receiving an Anses plan by completing your personal details at

Scholarships Progress when I do pay

Not yet published Progresar harvest dates in Maybut in April they were organized according to the termination of the DNI as follows: