Prudential do Brasil: BRL 1 billion in digital transformation technology

Goal: to improve the customer experience and offer customized products

Over the past five years, the Prudential do Brasil insurance company has already invested around Rs.1 billion in technology and intends to apply the same figure over the next four years to accelerate the company’s digital transformation. With the aim of modernizing customer service, the company has improved artificial intelligence technologies as well automatic learning to offer customers increasingly personalized products, personalized insurance based on the needs of the consumer and his family. In addition, in the second half of the year, Prudential will launch a new platform that will significantly improve the business of the insurer’s business partners.
“Prudential do Brasil is at the forefront of digital transformation within Prudential Internacional. Our technological development is becoming a benchmark for the insurance company’s more than 40 operations around the world. In fact, the platform we are developing will also be used in other countries where Prudential operates ”, says Felipe Votto, Vice President of Operations at Prudential do Brasil.
Last year, by launching OneClick, the company took the first step in the whole experience behind selling insurance. The tool has promoted a significant evolution in the risk analysis process from automation resources. After the implementation of OneClick, the average term for issuing a policy fell from 13 to 9 days. In three months, the instrument sent more than 5,200 proposals.
“OneClick is a state-of-the-art technology platform that facilitates the process of selling insurance, risk assessment, underwriting and payments. In the past, it took a customer 13 days to get their policy, their protection, in hand. With this technology, we are reducing that time. That is, a person will have full coverage in nine days or less. Recently, 20% of the policies were issued within 24 hours and 44% of cases were automatically and online ”, explains Votto.
Prudential’s investment in technology over the next few years will also include infrastructure modernization, particularly in the area of ​​cybersecurity, and will leverage the mobile experience of franchise brokers, business partners and customers.