Rutgers visit: second day of tours and meetings at UNA

Rutgers visit: second day of tours and meetings at UNA

During the second day, last Tuesday, April 19, the visiting delegation from Rutgers University, from the United States of America (USA) continued with the tour of the various branches of the National University of Asunción (UNA) and with meetings with the authorities .

In the early hours of the day, Prof. Dra. Zully Vera, rector of UNA, presented the entire delegation before the rector’s faculties and authorities.

After the official presentation to the authorities present, they visited different faculties of the UNA campus in San Lorenzo and met with their representatives to explore the possibilities of a close collaboration with each of them.

The visits and meetings took place in the faculties of Chemical Sciences (FCQ-UNA), Agricultural Sciences (FCA-UNA), Veterinary Sciences (FCV-UNA), Nursing and Obstetrics (FENOB-UNA), Social Sciences (FACSO-UNA ), Engineering (FIUNA) and a meeting with the authorities of the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences (FDCS-UNA) in the classroom of the Higher University Council.

The academic units, which presented their faculties, were represented by various academic and management authorities, in order to strengthen the existing links between UNA and Rutgers and coordinate new actions.

The rector of UNA expressed the importance of the new university model and stated that they must exchange experiences with teachers from the various faculties and work in their respective fields and projects.

They try to include the EET in the plans at the UNA level

One of the most profound projects that the Higher Education Center for Ethics, Equity and Transparency (CESEET), an initiative of UNA and Rutgers, seeks to implement is to include the academic three values ​​approach in everyone’s curricula. the courses of our University.

“With the openness that comes from the leadership of the rector and deans, it is possible to make a change in the curriculum of each faculty in which the values ​​of ethics, fairness and transparency are promoted”, said Ofelia Vargas, of CESEET during a meeting between the rector, the entourage and the principals and principals of the UNA.

In addition, several directors and postgraduate directors have stressed the need for training in values, public administration and justice, among other important points.