SAMSUNG.  The technology used in electric cars will be used in cell phones

SAMSUNG. The technology used in electric cars will be used in cell phones

IS It is natural that the development of a certain technology ends up influencing other products, even if they come from completely different markets. Well, it appears that this is what happened to Samsung, which intends to implement the technology used in electric car batteries into the batteries of future cell phones.

Says The Elec (via Android Headlines), which notes that Samsung will use the “stacking” method used in electric car batteries in future batteries created for mobile devices. Presumably, this method will allow traditional batteries created with this technology to increase capacity by 10%.

The South Korean technology division dedicated to batteries, Samsung SDI, has been producing batteries with this technology for about a year and, according to the information available, plans to dedicate a “pilot line” at its factory in Tianjin (China) to produce batteries of this technology. guy.

It is not yet known when Samsung will be ready to integrate this type of battery into mobile phones, but it is speculated that the first models may appear in 2023.

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