Signing of the agreement between the Municipality and the Faculty of Health Sciences

Signing of the agreement between the Municipality and the Faculty of Health Sciences

Yesterday morning an agreement was signed between the community and the Faculty of Health Sciences of UNICEN based in Olavarría, the aim of which is for medical students to carry out internships at the Municipal Hospital “Dr. Ángel Paints”.

According to what was reported by the municipal press, the municipal mayor Hernán Bertellys and Héctor Trebucq, the dean of the aforementioned house of higher studies, signed the agreement.

Furthermore, during the signing of this agreement, Martín Maraschio and Betina Aguilar – the Secretary and Undersecretary of Health of the Municipality of Azul – and the Academic Secretary of the Faculty, Luis Mosquera, were present.

Through statements recalled in the press release of the municipality, the Mayor stressed that “we were pleasantly able to sign this important agreement for our hospital and the Azuleños who are studying this career in the neighboring city and who will now be able to carry out the practices here, which they will certainly enrich their knowledge and, obviously, the in-hospital team “.

In his office, Mayor Hernán Bertellys – accompanied by Martín Maraschio and Betina Aguilar, members of his Health government team – signed this agreement. Dean Héctor Trebucq and Luis Mosquera, academic secretary of the Faculty of Health Sciences, were present on behalf of the house of higher studies based in Olavarría. MUNICIPAL PRESS

The scope of the agreement

For his part, Trebucq explained that “this initiative was born intra and post-pandemic for a logical necessity; initially because we were limited in terms of health services and being able to assist in person; and in turn we believe that, although it was a crisis , it has also become an opportunity, as we have very important hospitals in the region which are UNICEN headquarters and it is economically convenient for the student to stay in his city. “

At this point the Dean of the house of higher studies indicated that the student simultaneously receives the same theoretical lessons that are held at the university and the practices can be centralized in the health centers of each city.

“We open it for students from the first to the sixth year. Before we did it only for the last year and the internships are compulsory”, he added, later underlining that these are “clinical, socio-medical or community clinic” internships, at the same time that software is decentralized for biomedical practices in which different classes are offered.

“Azul’s students, who currently number about 100, can choose to stay in their locality or stay in Olavarría. Those who decide to be in their city have the advantage of working on the practical part locally,” said the highest authority. of the faculty based in the nearby city.


In a press conference, Dr. Martín Maraschio, head of the Municipal Health Secretariat, yesterday remarked on the signing of this agreement: “We always promote teaching within the Pintos hospital and we have a team that worked on the mandatory final practice; that all these teachers will adapt their work to provide training for all students to come. “