Small and large Changarritos in the economy – Excelsior California

Small and large Changarritos in the economy – Excelsior California

Something better than asking for a job and finding it is creating it.

Those who create a new service or product are riskier than those who play it safe.

I see them every day.

They are “troquitas” of gardeners who spend every day making their way, generally stopping from one to two hours to mow the grass and cut some branches.

Or they are the “rooferos” who in one day remove an old roof and in another put a new one.

The most basic are the fruit or tacos vendors who pop up in the corners of Wilmington at the right time to fill passersby’s bellies.

And yes, the most organized are those who already have a changarro and employ several workers.

Small businesses, according to statistics, are the fastest growing in many cities such as Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Riverside, Moreno Valley, Fontana …

They are guided by two intentions: a) to provide a service at more competitive prices and b) to guarantee a stable wealth for the family.

But in their actions they may face risks that can put them out of business, such as lawsuits that exceed their ability to react and, in these times, staff shortages or competition with larger companies.

That’s why the state of California looked into the nature of disability law lawsuits this week, as some appear to be led by for-profit or “serial plaintiff” lawyers associations.

But you need to have clear principles: not everyone who wants to can be an entrepreneur, and those who decide to be must understand that profits must not be based on starvation wages, nor on riding rules that have been made for the well-being of customers and company stability. .

If you don’t have the skills to invest in a business and profit from a good buy and sell strategy at competitive prices, don’t try it.

The American Disabilities Act (ADA) gives people with disabilities the right to equal opportunities, including access to buildings and transportation.

There are other laws such as those that protect the health of both employees and customers.

You have to know them well before taking a false step. And do not be guided by the “habits and customs” of other countries that may have a slightly failed legal system.