Technology in mine management is the theme of Café Empresarial – GAZ – Notícias de Santa Cruz do Sul e Region

Technology in mine management is the theme of Café Empresarial – GAZ – Notícias de Santa Cruz do Sul e Region

Share cases the success of local and regional entrepreneurs is the proposal of this year’s Café Empresarial program. For the April edition, the traditional net of the Commercial and Industrial Association (ACI) of Santa Cruz do Sul brings as a speaker the entrepreneur Eder Griebeler, CEO of Fast2 Mine, a technology company in Santa Cruz that is revolutionizing the management of mines on the planet. The meeting will take place next Tuesday, 26, at 8 am, in ACI auditorium 2.

Born in Santa Cruz, Graduated in Mining Engineering from UFGRS, Griebeler left a promising professional career at the giant Vale do Rio Doce to create his own business, motivated by the goal of developing a Software to revolutionize the operational management of mining companies, make the sector more competitive and sustainable and improve people’s lives. The inspirational trajectory of this entrepreneur, founder of Fast2 Mine, is surrounded by many challenges and breakthroughs.

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Currently the company is a leader in mining systems in the country, with more than 40 mines managed, about 60 employees, and is in the process of expansion and internationalization, with projects in the United States. He recently signed a global distribution partnership for Software with Mining Plus, one of the largest consulting firms for mining engineering, geology and geotechnics in the world. The mediation will be entrusted to the directors of ACI, Rogério Pereira, of Innovation and Transformation, and Eduardo Bitencourt, of Technology.

Present in the ACI events schedule for almost a decade, Café Empresarial is a space for exchanging knowledge and net. Greeted with breakfast, guests participate in a dynamic presentation and attend conferences focused on the business area.

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Registration is free for ACI members, up to two people per company, and can be done by phone / WhatsApp (51) 3713-1400. Café Empresarial is sponsored by Extremo Sul Regional Development Bank (BRDE), Unisc, Unimed, Cindapa, Borba Imóveis, Lisaruth and Gazeta de Comunicações Group.


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