Telde advised 78 companies in the latest entrepreneurial project |  Economy

Telde advised 78 companies in the latest entrepreneurial project | Economy

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The Municipality of Telde continues its strong commitment to promoting employment and entrepreneurship in the municipality with the various projects it has activated through the Local Development Department.

One of them is the one that closed this Thursday, called Promotion of employment, entrepreneurship and business consolidation and with which 78 companies and freelancers of the municipality were reported. After receiving this guide, 15 new businesses were born in the municipality.

The mayor of Telde, Carmen Hernández, the head of the area that coordinates it, Lidia Mejías, and the Councilor for Employment and Local Development of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Juan Díaz, concluded this training, highlighting the “good results obtained “. This seven-month program was funded through an island government grant of € 99,380.57.

With the aim of promoting the entrepreneurial spirit, employment and business consolidation, this program, for which 6 professional figures have been hired, has worked to support and accompany new entrepreneurial initiatives, training and job orientation and job vacancy management.

The mayor of Telde, Carmen Hernández, highlighted the success of this initiative with which the Municipality, with the support of the Cabildo Gran Canaria, contributes to promoting entrepreneurship and the generation of economy and employment. An example is that after this project there are 15 new business projects created in the city, which is irrefutable proof of the adequacy of these actions.

The municipal councilor underlined the effort made by the local government to reactivate the city economy and create employment, a commitment that was clarified in the Telde Economic and Social Reactivation Plan.

For her part, Lidia Mejías thanked the Cabildo for the “continued support to be able to offer tools that favor employment in Telde.” Furthermore, he stated that “this project has become a necessity”, at the same time he asked for its continuity to “continue to give support to entrepreneurs and freelancers in the municipality, much requested by people who decide to undertake and need guidance or those who have already done so and need advice to update themselves or look for new lines of improvement. Commitment of this Municipality The Municipality must continuously work closely with business people, just as it does thanks to this type of program “.

Finally, Juan Díaz congratulated the City Council for carrying out this project “and for having made available to the public all the resources to generate employment. The work must continue and we must continue along this line given the good results obtained. The objectives have been achieved and today 15 new companies are operational “.

The topics most requested by its users, balanced in terms of gender and whose average age was 40, were the procedures necessary for the creation of a company, subsidies, fundraisers, digital vouchers, social networks and brands or logo, among others.

It should be noted that, among other things, this training also contributed to the commercial relaunch of the municipality through the various events held in the area, in addition to updating the website of the Telde employment agency and the local development social networks.

After the closing ceremony, the councilors visited the entrepreneurship exhibition located near the Plaza de San Gregorio, where they could see firsthand some of the newly created activities, with which they congratulated and wished them every success in the their career path.