the 4 steps to follow after paying by card

the 4 steps to follow after paying by card

Although it is still early to say, although there are also countries that have already defined their plans, cash is getting close to having an expiration date. Or at least maybe as we know it now. On the other hand, payment by card and, above all, with ‘contactless’ has taken on much greater weight following the pandemic. Of course, the less friendly face of something that seems more comfortable a priori is that the scams have increased significantly.

This carries serious risks lose large sums of money. Therefore, the Bank of Spain has long been tasked with informing citizens, in the first place, of the ways in which criminals use to steal savings on our account; and, secondly, a series of behaviors or good practices to be implemented by consumers a be even more careful.

For example, the body insists on doing this always ask for a copy when making a payment at a restaurant, club, shop, etc. “You can say no and this is probably a good decision, you don’t need it and, in addition, you protect the environment. However, before answering in the negative, make sure that you have been charged the appropriate amount”, explains the Bank of Spain.

Not just that. The Bank of Spain also warns of the four things that to deal with As long as you pay with credit card. They are, therefore, the following:

– When you make a contactless payment, it says “check the amount on the screen and make sure it is correct”. Copy can be used for maintain adequate control of expenses

Another good practice is save the shop purchase ticket. In this way it will be possible to verify that the amount charged to the card, corresponds to the purchase. “Remember that in many businesses there is the possibility of obtaining an electronic ticket.”

– On the other hand, urges audit fees of the card in the account to keep track of all the operations carried out.

– And finally, although it is not a daily practice, the Bank of Spain advises clients to ask entities for the possibility of sending an SMS message every time the card is charged.