The House of Science celebrates 23 years by promoting the value of the museum

The House of Science celebrates 23 years by promoting the value of the museum

The House of Sciences turns 23 this Thursday. To celebrate it, he organized the round table ‘The role of science museums in today’s society’, which will be attended by various people linked to science and museography.

The 23rd anniversary of the Casa de las Ciencias will feature an interview on science museums this Friday at 7pm. This round table will reflect on science museums and their role in society.

The Doctor of Chemistry and professor at the University of Rioja, Héctor Busto; Guillermo Fernández, engineer specializing in museums and museographic language; and the former director of the House of Sciences, Dolores Fernández. The act will be moderated by the current director of this municipal space, Andrés Ruiz.

The House of Sciences was born in 1999 to bring science and technology closer to the Logroño society. For more than two decades it has contributed to the training of schoolchildren at various levels of education through various types of activities, as well as to the teaching of science to the general public through informative exhibitions, lectures or workshops.

International Book Day

In addition to celebrating its 23rd anniversary, the House of Sciences has organized two activities for this Saturday on the occasion of International Book Day. The first will take place at 12:00. It is an animation reading session with games and activities entitled “The Raindrop” and recommended for ages 6 and up. In the afternoon, at 6:00 pm, there will be a public reading of the book ‘The Origin of Species’, by Charles Darwin.