The Onça Pintada thermoelectric power plant generates energy with unprecedented technology in MS – Cidades

The Onça Pintada thermoelectric power plant generates energy with unprecedented technology in MS – Cidades

The Onça Pintada thermoelectric plant, located in the Eldorado Brasil industrial complex in Três Lagoas (MS), celebrates its first anniversary with the generation of 321,800 MWh of energy and becomes a reference in sustainability. The bold project uses technology from removing eucalyptus stumps and roots that previously would have been discarded, to transforming energy with biomass without emitting pollutants into the atmosphere.

Conceived by the company, also in 2016, when it won the A-5 Auction of the National Electricity Agency (Aneel), the UTE Onça Pintada received R $ 400 million in the company’s own resources for the its installation. There are 35,000 square meters of built area, with 50 MW of installed capacity, enough to supply a city with up to 700,000 people. For this, UTE consumes 1,500 tons of biomass per day from the company’s planted forests.

Currently, UTE has more than 200 employees in the entire operational process. But to start the activities, the works started in December 2018 have generated a thousand jobs in this construction phase and from April 2021 it generates green electricity.

With the development of a pioneering technology, Eldorado Brasil has completed the cycle of using 100% eucalyptus planted in its more than 200 thousand hectares of planted forests. Always with innovative initiatives focused on sustainability, the company understands that, based on the activity of planting eucalyptus, it is possible to fully exploit the raw material with a circular economy model and contribute to the diversification of the energy matrix.

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To get an idea, of the total energy generated in Brazil in 2020, 83% comes from renewable sources and 17% from non-renewable sources, according to the Energy Research Company, of the federal government. If we look at renewable energies, of which UTE Onça Pintada is part, only 9.1% of the total energy comes from sources classified as “other biomass”, demonstrating the great potential for variation and, above all, for technological exploitation. and efficient in generating energy.

“Eldorado Brasil has always operated in a sustainable way and its practices aligned with innovation translate into competitive advantages on the market and which bring technical relevance with environmentally friendly solutions. Usina Onça Pintada has guidelines that collaborate in the diversification of the national energy matrix and testifies to the systematization of the circular economy as a business model adopted globally ”, explains Carlos Roberto Paiva Monteiro, of Eldorado Brasil.

About Eldorado – Eldorado Brasil is a forest company, with over 200,000 hectares of forest planted in Mato Grosso do Sul and over 100,000 hectares of conservation. In Três Lagoas (MS), the company operates a plant capable of producing over 1.7 million tons of pasta per year and the Onça Pintada thermoelectric plant. Eldorado has more than 5,000 employees in Brazil and in international offices.

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