The science minister said the polls were “a state of mind”, while the adviser stressed that Boric is a “resounding fall”

The science minister said the polls were “a state of mind”, while the adviser stressed that Boric is a “resounding fall”

A50% disapprove of President Gabriel Boric’s administration, according to the latest poll from Plaza Pública Cadem, published Sunday evening.

The negative perception of the president’s leadership increased by 9 percentage points in one week, while his approval fell by another four. It was 40%.

The figures indicate a sustained fall in the image of the Head of State. At the beginning of March, his disapproval was just 20%, growing exponentially since then. This is the first time this article has passed your work approval.

According to Cadem, this is a fact that was not observed in his predecessors. In the second government of Sebastián Piñera, for example, this phenomenon only occurred in week 37. At Bachelet II it happened in week 33.

When asked about this new survey that shows the decline in support from the Government and the President, few government officials wanted to refer to it and it was the Minister of Science, Flavio Salazar Onfray – visiting the region – who said that “let’s look at the polls. very carefully, I think they are snapshots of the moment, they reflect a mood, more than a long-term opinion, and things can be reversed, we see that we are in a quite complex situation due to the issue of the fifth withdrawal, but I believe that as the measures that the Government is implementing are clarified and all the objectives of the Constitutional Convention clarified, this will be overturned ”.

For his part, the regional councilor Alejandro Riquelme was critical at the timeor to refer to the poll, indicating that “first of all it should be noted that according to Cadem (and other polls) the disapproval of President Boric reaches 50%. This resounding fall, the worst that a President has had in his first month in office, is explained by the absence of a government and the chaotic start. This level of disapproval had not been seen since this survey was applied; we also see President Boric who is more concerned with tweeting than with governing. Without a doubt, if he had the same attention or meticulousness that he has for social networks, for his country than him, his performance would be different. Chileans have realized that President Boric is not on the right track, so even the perception of good leadership only drops to 33%, where inflation has taken over the economic agenda, due to external factors, in addition to three withdrawals of pension funds and the four projects discussed, all supported by President Boric when he was a parliamentarian and whom he ignores today in his speech ”.

Finally, the core said that “the public has understood that Boric’s populist campaign promises and supports withdrawal, now that he is president, he has taken a completely opposite position and said that the inconsistency is putting a strain on his disapproval. record”. from mandate.

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