They will bring the Science in Motion program to the rural areas of Badiraguato

They will bring the Science in Motion program to the rural areas of Badiraguato

The Sinaloa Science Center will once again implement the Science in Movement program and this time will bring the museum to the municipality of Badiraguato, in the mountainous area of ​​Sinaloa.

The Director General of the General Coordination for the Promotion of Scientific Research and Innovation of the State of Sinaloa (Confíe), Carlos Karam Quiñones, reported that this program seeks to bring science to all corners of the state, especially for girls and low-income children who have fewer opportunities to get closer to science and technology.

“This program takes place in a very important context for young people to reflect on the role of science for development and well-being,” explained Karam Quiñones.

The Science in Motion program will include eight modules from the Sinaloa Science Center museum which includes workshops and recreational activities for the interaction and learning of experimental science.

A museum will be set up in the municipal capital which will open its doors next Monday 25 April and will be available until Friday 29 of the same month.

In this period the goal is to serve two thousand boys and girls from the mountainous area of ​​the municipality, since the museum has a capacity of 400 children every day.

For his part, the municipal president of Badiraguato, José Paz López Elenes, was interested in bringing science to the municipality and providing the conditions for the development of the community.

“The children of Badiraguato have little chance to go to this great museum, and now this museum goes to Badiraguato,” said the mayor.