This is the ‘market’ that bets on Spanish companies |  Economy

This is the ‘market’ that bets on Spanish companies | Economy

The pandemic has changed the consumption habits of half the world. Overnight, e-commerce has become the solution to supply problems. According to data from the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC), in the last quarter of 2021 the turnover of this sector increased by 14.8% on an annual basis in Spain, reaching 14,696 million euros. It seems more than proven that one-click shopping is now easier, safer, and more convenient.

The markets (platforms where different brands, companies or shops sell their products or services) have evolved in parallel with commerce on line. These large digital showcases have been a lifesaver (especially) for companies that, needing to advertise their products outside the physical environment, could not afford the costs, logistics and development involved in creating and maintaining a e-commerce to possess.

The Correos sales platform currently has more than 1,300 suppliers from across the country. Businesses do not have to pay any type of commission, which means savings of between 15% and 30%

Correos Market was born with the philosophy of helping manufacturers overcome the obstacles they encountered when it came to selling and distributing their products over the Internet. Currently this market of Spanish companies has more than 1,300 sellers distributed throughout the national geography. In total, you can find more than 15,000 products grouped under the umbrellas of fashion, crafts, home, health and beauty, food, drink and technology. There is a lot where and to choose from.

Savings for sellers

Correos Market is a promotion and sales channel open to all those Spanish companies, regardless of their size, willing to market their products without taking risks or making investments. The platform, which ships to any point in Spain and Portugal, does not charge commission to its sellers; nor does it use intermediaries. Invoice only for logistics services and parcel shipping, without adding additional charges. It’s that simple (and cheap).

He knows all the sides of the coin in depth.


With this solution, Correos Market tries to ensure that companies can cut costs (commissions from others markets are between 15% and 30%) and, at the same time, restore this savings in the productive fabric of Spanish companies. This support is now more relevant than ever, as it helps minimize the impact the current price hike has on the industry.

Users can find more than 15,000 products grouped under the umbrellas of fashion, crafts, home, health and beauty, food, drink and technology.
Users can find more than 15,000 products grouped under the umbrellas of fashion, crafts, home, health and beauty, food, drink and technology.

Complete and complete solution

To simplify the processes, Correos Market offers sellers the possibility to contract out the entire logistics process. This service constitutes a real one all included. It involves storing products, preparing shipments and performing some value-added operations. This complete solution provides a promotion and sales channel that includes the collection (to collect)storage, packaging and preparation of shipments (Packaging) and reverse logistics (returns management). With this way of operating, Correos puts its entire infrastructural and logistics network at the service of Spanish companies: in total, 2,370 company offices distributed throughout the national territory.

The consumer, on the other hand, is guaranteed to choose and receive a product of quality and proximity, regardless of where he is and without paying shipping costs.

window for trade on line

In these more than two years of health crisis, the Correos Market has become an opportunity for many traders to make their businesses known beyond their city or province of origin. This is the case of Brancal, an SME based in Castellón dedicated to the sale of oranges, organic mandarins and products based on these fruits. The company has opted for this platform from the very beginning. “We did it for the resources that Correos Market could devote to the growth of its platform, which would never be the same as we could assume”, explains Bea Muñoz, spokesperson for the company, based in Almassora (Castellón). “Furthermore, Correos is a universal brand: we understand that if they have launched such a platform it is because their sales and customer potential could be strong enough to compete with any market“.

The Correos Market is an aid to maintaining endangered lifestyles and businesses

Bea Muñoz, Brancal’s spokesperson

For Brancal, who specializes in Clemenules and Navels orange varieties, the Correos Market offers indisputable value: “It means having branches to sell our products in the center of every city in Spain.” They claim to have succeeded in increasing their visibility and ranking on search engines. “All this, in the end, becomes a customer and, therefore, a sale”. Given the good results, his plans provide for the expansion of the catalog of products available on the platform. “We hope that Correos Market will continue to bet on proximity products, from kilometer 0. It represents an aid to maintain life forms and businesses in danger of extinction”, concludes Muñoz.

Bet on Spanish producers

Correos Market’s commitment to Spanish companies has encouraged many to opt for market to promote your products For Cuquines, a children’s brand specializing in textile design based in Lleida, this circumstance was decisive. “He was also influenced by the fact that they appreciated the local product and gave visibility to Spanish producers and artisans,” recalls Marta García, creator of the brand. They started working with the platform before the pandemic and say they have noticed a noticeable increase in visibility and sales. “In addition, they are making more and more facilities available to artisans. The site is easy to use, both for the customer and for the manufacturer. It’s a safe bet, ”she explains.

According to the managers of Cuquines, a children's brand specializing in textile design based in Lleida, Correos' support for Spanish companies was crucial.
According to the managers of Cuquines, a children’s brand specializing in textile design based in Lleida, Correos’ support for Spanish companies was crucial.

The attention of Correos Market (the quality of components and raw materials and the responsible and sustainable use of resources) was enough for Velandia, a company from Logroño dedicated to high-end natural and vegan cosmetics, to join the Correos Market project. “We found it interesting to be able to participate in a platform that brought together Spanish artisan producers,” says Elena Román, founder of Velandia. They have been together for a few years (since the beginning of market) and, in general, they are very satisfied. “Every year we incorporate new products and participate in their proposals and initiatives to give visibility to our brand”, summarizes Román.

Any Spanish company can access the Correos Market and check its efficiency.