Wind generation would allow greater savings in imported gas

Wind generation would allow greater savings in imported gas

The production of energy from renewable sources recorded a record increase at national level in the first month of the year. For this reason, the contribution of the wind farms installed in the country was decisive. According to projections, with the new installed capacity added to the release of energy into the transportation networks, the prospects for 2022 are more than positive.

In the midst of a global commodity crisis, the Argentine Wind Chamber (CEA) released a report indicating that wind power generation will reduce overseas fuel purchases by $ 3,250 million in 2022an amount that quadruples what was avoided in 2021.

The study detailed it between 2016 and 2020due to the shift in fossil fuel consumption by increased wind supply, the saving on imports was over 1,300 million dollars; It’s inside 2021 the level of wind generation allowed to avoid payments abroad of 800 million dollars.

record month

We recall that in December of last year it was inaugurated, in Santa Cruz, a new wind farm, in addition to the fine-tuning of those already installed, made it possible to generate approximately 1,658 GWh of all “green” energy in the first month of the year. implicit an increase of almost 3.5% compared to December.

But that figure continued to rise and in March the October record was broken, when 1,735 GWh and became the highest record in history. This it meant 31.5% year-over-year growth. This results from the data published monthly by Wholesale electricity market management company (Camesa).

In this way, the CEA understands that this year, “taking into account the higher generation produced by the sector and higher international prices”, the savings compared to those achieved in 2021, “it is four times larger and reaches $ 3.250 million“.

In that sense, he explained that during the months of lower temperatures, Argentina it must import on average 44 Mm3 / g of gas, of which 31 Mm3 / d come from LNG, which are carried out by ship from countries such as Qatar or Trinidad and Tobago; and via pipeline, from Bolivia.

According to the document,Renewable wind generation directly reduces dependence on imported gas and LNG: in 2021 the generation produced by wind energy contributed 14.8 TWh and thus 8.5 Mm3 / d of fuel consumption moved, equal to 20% of the requirements during the winter period and 33% of the annual average.

To encourage

Ensuring the conditions for further development of the wind energy sector, and renewables in general, is essential to achieve system reliability, greater energy freedom and a reduction in dependence on gas and LNG imports. It will also allow greater exports of fossil fuels, generating a virtuous circle for the country’s economy “, said the president of the CEA. René Vaca Guzman, and published Telam.

At current prices, the cost of fuel for each MWh moved is higher than 230 USD / MWhwith which more than triples the cost of a renewable MWh.

Thus, they stated: “For every 100 MW of wind power installed capacity, and throughout its useful life, Argentina saves 336 million dollars by multiplying the initial investment by three”Concluded the CEA