Women between 18 and 65 receive $ 38,940 in May: How to Access

Women between 18 and 65 receive $ 38,940 in May: How to Access

The National Social Security Administration (Anses) anticipates this Wednesday April 20 with the payment of April salaries for the Universal child allowance (AUH), retirees and retirees (with $ 6,000 bonus)among other advantages.

In addition, the social security agency that leads Fernanda Raventa works to help the most vulnerable sectors of Argentine society. That is why it has entered into agreements with the ministries a promote economic and social assistance.

So much so, the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity allocate an amount for women and LGBTIQ + people who find themselves in a situation of gender-based violence. The assistance falls within the Accompaniment programwhich also provides a psychosocial help to access “enhancement devices for people included in the program, in coordination with the provincial and local administrations”.

Also, after confirmation of the increase in the Minimum, Vital and Mobile Wage (SMVM), this program will benefit from a 45% increase in four tranches: April, June, August and December (paid one month later).

Accompanying program: requirements

They will be able to access the Accompany on women and LGBTIQ + people, aged between 18 and 65, who have experienced a situation of gender-based violence. To access it is not necessary to file a prior complaint.

On the other hand, assistance it’s compatible with the following Anses programs:

  • Universal Child Allowance (AUH).
  • Universal pregnancy allowance for social protection.
  • Disabled child allowance.
  • Social monotax.
  • Work registered under the special employment contract regime for the staff of private houses.

Instead, it is not shareable with:

  • Employee income registered in the public or private sector, monotax and self-employment regime (except social monotax).
  • Non-repayable monetary contribution or benefit for work and / or training purposes granted by the National State.
  • Pensions, Pensions or Withdrawals of a contributory or non-contributory nature, whether national, provincial, municipal or from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
  • Universal pension for the elderly provided for by Decree no. 894/2016.
  • Unemployment benefit.

Accompanying program 2022: how much they charge in May

With the rise of the SMVM, the beneficiaries of the Acompañar program will charge $ 38,940 in Maywhich means a 18% of the agreed total. In April, received $ 33,000.

Accompaniment Recording Schedule 2022

There is no need to register online to access this assistance from the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity. The only thing to do is to contact accompanying units distributed throughout the Argentine provinces.

There, women and LGBTIQ + people they will receive a follow-up of their individual evolution. For more information, go to following link.